Russia’s position on Kashmir is clear: MEA

St. Petersburg [Russia], June 1 : The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has said that the position of Russia on Kashmir is very clear and consistent and that "it's a sovereignty matter for India.

When asked if there was a discussion on Kashmir issue, MEA official spokesperson Gopal Baglay said "Position of Russia on Jammu and Kashmir is very clear as it's a sovereignty matter for India and it is very clear to Russian Federation and it has been consistent from Soviet days." On the issue of joint military exercise between Russia and Pakistan, Baglay said, so far as the relations of Russia with other countries are concerned, "I refer to what Russian President Vladimir Putin has said," which is, "relationship of Russia with other countries will not dilute Moscow's ties with India." "President Putin mentioned that no other country, except India has the high level of close cooperation with Russia on defence technology and this shows the comfort and the level of strategic convergence of interests between the countries," he said.

MEA joint secretary GV Srinivas said , on the same note, said, "This is a meeting between Russia and India and both the leaders will be discussing the regions but they won't be talking third country relationship , there exists mutual trust of 70 years between the countries and that is growing over the years, we take this granted for that matter the countries and whenever India needed, Russia always stood by it." "Specifics of that nature won't be discussd but all things will be adequately covered," he added.

Source: ANI