Sachin shares ‘driverless’ parking experience with ‘Mr. India’

Mumbai, Aug 3 : Sharing the first "driverless parking" experience with his 29.9 million followers on Twitter, cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar said on Saturday it felt like "Mr.

India" doing the job for him. The post, however, also sparked a debate on the need of wearing seat belt even in a garage.


India" is a 1987 Bollywood hit directed by Shekhar Kapur which showed the lead actor portrayed by Anil Kapoor using a watch to go invisible to fight a gangster.

Tendulkar also tagged Kapoor in his post while sharing the video of driverless parking experience of his BMW 5 series car.

"Thrilling experience to witness my car park itself in my garage.

It felt like Mr. India (@AnilKapoor) had taken control! I'm sure the rest of the weekend will be as exciting with my friends," Tendulkar said in the post.

The actor soon joined the conversation and replied, "Mr India always parks like a pro!?? This driverless parking technology is amazing! @sachin_rt".

In the video, one can see Tendulkar sitting on the front passenger seat and narrating his wonder as the car parked itself inside his garage.

"Unbelievable, proud of you dear Sachin.

Lots of love and good wishes to you. Jeete raho," wrote veteran actor Dharmendra.

"I hope the car does not slow down after reaching the speed of 90 kmph," tweeted one user.

The short 41-second clip has already received over 45 lakh views and over 60,000 likes.

Many users, however, pointed out that the "God of cricket", as Tendulak is often called, should have worn a seat belt.

"Please wear seatbelt as you never know.

Be safe than never," wrote one user.

Tagging Mumbai Police, one user even wrote, "No seatbelt. Please fine the God."

"Bhai he is in his garage not on road.just see he is in shorts. Atleast he will not do such mistakes so no need to tag Mumbai Police. He is much more disciplined than anybody else you like. @sachin_rt," a Tendulkar fan replied.



Source: IANS