Saga on square foot

Mumbai, Sep 19 (IANSlife) Size matters. And so does the scale. Painting a busy artwork on a square-foot canvas can be a challenge. Connecting all those artworks to create a narrative is an even bigger task. But 14 artists have taken up the challenge and their works will be on view at Mumbai's Studio Artezvous from September 19-21.

'The Square Foot', the three-day exhibition curated by Payal and Bindal Shah will feature about 100 of these artworks in different types - portrait, landscape, abstract, freestyle, and mediums - watercolour, oil paints, pastel, charcoal.

"To put all emotions in a small frame and still make a lasting impression on the audience is tough.

Here the bigger challenge was that all artworks had confirm not just to the size limit, but had to also be created in a series so they can be viewed together as a montage," said the art curators.

They added that the format creates a stunning visual display and makes for affordable art, which is versatile in use.

Artist Sharvari Luth said it was exciting to work for the show as most of her earlier works were in large frames.

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Source: IANS