Sagoon unveils latest chatting tool-MoodTalk

New Delhi [India], Feb. 7 : Sagoon, a US/India-based social commerce startup, launched a Gen-Next, mobile-friendly chatting tool - MoodTalk, on Tuesday.

Power packed with best in breed technology, the feature is engineered using new age technologies like angular and node, which makes chatting smoother, faster and fun to use with Sagoon.

Sagoon's MoodTalk is a chatting tool that helps users communicate using 'moods' - a feature for the real-time expression of moods.

Whether a user is happy, sad, excited or experiencing any other emotion, they can let their moods do the talking, while chatting with friends and family.

Furthermore, ensuring the security of its users, such delicate chats are designed to vanish automatically after 24 hours.

"MoodTalk is not just a chatting tool; it also helps in building a true connection and infusing intimacy into relationships," said Govinda Giri, Founder, Sagoon.

MoodTalk is the third application that users can indulge in on mobile devices after 'Secret Sharing' and 'Contacts'.

Having forayed into mobile space with this feature, Sagoon intends to soon launch its services in the form of an app as well.

Source: ANI