Sakshi Maharaj defiant, denies charges of promoting enmity on religious grounds

New Delhi [India], Jan 11 : Denying charges of promoting enmity on religious grounds, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Sakshi Maharaj on Wednesday asserted that his comments on population control were not meant to target any particular community.

The Lok Sabha MP from Unnao who was summoned by the Election Commission for making the alleged communal remark, said that his intentions were to spread awareness in connection with the increasing population, which is a major problem gazing the nation directly in the eye.

"I was speaking at programme organised for saints, it was not a political rally; didn't take any community's name.

The increasing population is a major problem in our country. I just said that we need to control population and the same I have reiterated in front of the election commission," said Maharaj after appearing before the Election Commission.

"I didn't make any wrong statement, didn't name any community. Population must be controlled, there should be a strong law for population control, women are not machines to deliver babies," he added.

Sakshi Maharaj yesterday was issued a notice by Election Commission over his comments that appeared to blame the Muslim community for India's population growth.

Addressing a gathering in Meerut last week, Maharaj had urged all political parties to come together to frame "population control" laws.

"This population rise is not because of Hindus. The population has risen because of those who support the concept of four wives and 40 children. It is not acceptable," he said. BJP law maker's comments also drew flak from the Congress and other political parties who accused Maharaj of fanning communal tension ahead of the crucial Uttar Pradesh polls.

Source: ANI