Saudi Arabia foils ISIS attempt to attack defense ministry

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) September 12 : Saudi Arabia has foiled attempts by ISIS militants to attack the defense ministry and arrested two Yemeni nationals for plotting attacks.

According to Al Arabiya News Channel, Two Yemeni nationals named Ahmed Yasser al-Kaldi and Ammar Ali Mohammed were arrested for plotting attacks targeting two headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Riyadh.

Two explosive belts (each weighing 7 kg), and nine homemade grenades, firearms and white weapons were also seized.

The channel quoted the kingdom's Presidency of State Security as saying that "the arrest of the suicide bombers, Ahmed Yaser al-Kaldi and Ammar Ali Muhammad, were arrested before they reached the target location.

The initial investigations revealed that they were of Yemeni nationality and their names differed from those recorded by the identity evidence that was seized".

Two other Saudi nationals were also arrested and their relationship with the above-mentioned suicide bombers was confirmed who tried to provide assistance.

Source: ANI