Sayantani Ghosh: Nothing I cannot do that a man does

Mumbai, March 8 : For actress Sayantani Ghosh, women's empowerment means a healthy co-existence because women today are no way less than men.

"To me, women's empowerment is more about equality and coexistence.

I believe there is nothing I cannot do that a man does. Women's Day is special as it celebrates the pure essence of womanhood, and we should celebrate it. I don't believe in celebrating the importance of a girl for a single day but respecting and loving them all 365 days of a year," says the actress, currently seen on the show, Tera Yaar Hoon Main.

Her mother is her biggest inspiration.

"The special woman of my life is my mother for all the obvious reasons because she has always been my best friend and shopping partner.

Whenever I see the journey of my life, I feel that a sense of independence is a huge part of me, and my mother is the one who has instilled the same in me.

I am short of words when I have to explain what my mother means to me and her importance in my life," she says.

Sayantani adds that she hopes that people will respect and love the girl child more and help the world become a better place for women.

"The only message I would like to convey for everyone is to pay due importance to celebrate, educating, loving and respecting the girl child.

I feel that we all should celebrate Durga and Kaali in every girl -- be it mother, sister or a friend and hope for a better society to live for the whole year and not specifically a single day of the year," she says.



Source: IANS