SC asks Centre to amend laws to provide harsher punishment for rash, negligent driving

New Delhi [India], Dec. 6 : As 1.5 lakh people are killed in 5 lakh road accidents reported every year, the Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Central Government to amend certain laws to provide harsher punishment for rash and negligent driving.

An apex court bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra said people are dying in road accidents, and thus, stringent law is the need of the hour.

"There has to be fear of law among people indulging in rash and reckless driving at the cost of others life.

People were losing their lives and limbs in road accidents. There should be a fear of law," said the bench. The Union Cabinet has already approved the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 with an aim to bring down number of road accidents.

Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari has told ANI, "For the first time after independence, a big reform has been introduced in the Transport Sector, and the biggest advantage of it is that it will bring down the number of road accidents." "There was no respect or fear of the law, the Act will see increasing respect for the road safety laws and decrease in road accidents, which will save many lives," said the minister.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had constituted a Group of Transport Ministers (GoM) of the states to address the issue of road safety and to improve the facilitation of the citizens while dealing with transport departments.

The GoM headed by Rajasthan Transport Minister Yoonus Khan held three meetings, in which a total of 18 transport ministers from different political parties participated and submitted three interim reports.

The GoM recommended that to address the pressing issue of road safety and improving transport scenario, Government should immediately bring amendments to the present Motor Vehicle Act.

Source: ANI