Sculptures on society’s ‘last persons’ displayed in Delhi

New Delhi, Oct 25 : Those usually neglected in urban life -- society's 'last persons' -- find visual expression at a sculptural exhibition here by sculptor Suraj Kumar, whose striking red resin sculptures on florists, book sellers, traditional artists, fruit vendors, and roadside peddlers, are on view from Thursday.

Exhibited at the Triveni Kala Sangam, the 10-day solo show is titled "City of Life" and will conclude on November 4.

"I often think over questions about development, and how it always leaves out some sections of the society, as if development is happening at their cost itself," Kumar, who holds a BFA (Sculpture) from Banaras Hindu University, told IANS.

Through his figurative sculpture that revolves around the human form, he tries to bring out a deeper symbolism -- one that connects a lone individual and the society that often neglects it.

"I have tried to depict a coconut seller who sells his products at a redlight; a florist child; a book seller who sells on the roadside; traditional carpet makers who don't find customers; and a pumpkin seller who sells fruit every day."

Kumar, who attempts to merge traditional and contemporary art, also uses a combination of media for his sculptures: resin glass, paper mache, and metal.



Source: IANS