Search continues to retrieve bird carcasses from Sambhar Lake

Jaipur, Nov 16 : An extensive search operation continued on Saturday in Rajasthan's Sambhar Lake to retrieve more bird carcasses, after a total of 8,065 were taken out since they were first spotted earlier this week.

The dead birds were first seen on Monday floating in the country's largest inland salt lake and included species like plovers, common coot, black winged stilt, northern shovelers, ruddy shelduck, and pied avocet among many other migratory birds.

On Monday 716 carcasses were taken out.

The next day, 1,622 carcasses were fished out, followed by 1,922, 540, 3,265 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, respectively.

The number escalated on Friday despite several teams operating in and around the lake to analyse the reasons behind the mass deaths.

The number was likely to increase as the search operation was presently limited to an around 15 area.

Many carcasses are reportedly lying in a 35 area which is yet to be searched.

The lake stretches to around 90 of area, confirmed sources.

On Friday, the High Court questioned the state government for the reasons behind the death of these birds and has fixed November 22 as the next date of hearing.

Meanwhile, Forest Minister Sukhram Vishnoi, who was at the spot, said that around 150 people, including members from the municipal corporation and SDRF, were combing the lake.

"It has been confirmed that it is not bird flu which is killing birds.

However we are awaiting reports. Such an incident has been reported for the first time in India," he said.



Source: IANS