Secrets of cheek augmentation: All you need to know

New Delhi [India], May 31 : Cheeks add beauty and glamour to the face. A high cheek bone, which gives a smooth bulge in the upper portion and falls off smoothly to give a nice Ogee curve, is an every woman's dream.

Men too are left no behind! A robust cheek, with thick brow and strong well defined jaw line, is as important as a chiseled muscular body.

What makes a cheek so beautiful is interesting to know. Dr Urmila Nischal, consultant dermatologist and cosmetic dermatologist at Nirmal Skin and Hair Clinic says, over the hard cheek bone, there is a pad of fat which is covered with muscles and skin.

So, cheek bones are main pillars that hold the cover of soft tissues to give that unique, nice shape. When these pillars get weathered with age, the soft tissues lose the support and hence start sagging. Fat on the face is not like one sheet as we think but is bundled as small pockets which medically termed as Compartments and all pockets do not age simultaneous and hence cheeks develop some depression or bulges with age.

Changes similar to aging can often happen even in youngsters due to improper development of bone or fat tissue.

These facts make augmenting cheeks the most important aspect of aesthetic correction of face. So it can be rectification of improper development or restoration of tissue loss due to ageing. According to Dr Nischal, fixing the problem early in the course always gives better results and prevents other sagging changes so any corrections done look much more natural and last long.

Conventionally, these corrections were by elaborate surgeries, which had their own downtime and risks.

Now these issues can be easily fixed using fillers, the most preferred treatment all over the world. Globally, hyaluronic acid based fillers are the most important material used for this purpose. These fillers are body's own proteins, which have a high affinity for water. They absorb water and swell like a balloon, thereby filling the depressions and lifting the fat-muscle-skin.

As it is a natural skin protein, they get integrated with the skin and get degraded along with skin tissue; thereby giving a very natural look both during buildup as well as dissolution.

As these fillers hydrate the tissues, there is stretching of the skin thereby ironing out those fine lines and add glow to skin in addition to correction of depression and defects of cheeks.

So, fillers are the safest and best treatment for a natural looking correction which has no downtime for all irrespective of age and sex.

Source: ANI