Security support to Saudi Arabia is ‘no blank check’: US

New York [USA], Oct. 9 : The United States condemned the killing of 155 people after a Saudi-led airstrikes hit a funeral home in the Yemeni capital and said that the security cooperation provided to Saudi Arabia by Washington "is not a blank check".

The CNN quoted US National Security Council spokesman Ned Price as saying, "US security cooperation with Saudi Arabia is not a blank check.

Even as we assist Saudi Arabia regarding the defense of their territorial integrity, we have and will continue to express our serious concerns about the conflict in Yemen and how it has been waged." Price added that the US would reevaluate its support for the coalition in its fight to prevent Houthi rebels allied with Iran and forces loyal to Yemen's deposed President Ali Abdullah Saleh from taking power.

However, the Saudi-led coalition yesterday denied accusations that it was responsible for the attack and said it will "immediately investigate" reports that its warplanes were responsible for the airstrikes.

The Saudi-led coalition, involving several Arab countries, began a military campaign in Yemen in March 2015 after Houthis - a minority Shia group supported by Iran - drove out the US-backed government, led by President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and took over Sanaa.

The crisis quickly escalated into a multisided war, which allowed al Qaeda and ISIS -other enemies of the Houthis - to grow stronger amid the chaos.

The conflict has killed an estimated 10,000 Yemenis and left millions in need of aid, according to the United Nations.

Source: ANI