Shahabuddin walks free, RJD asserts BJP trying to create ‘atmosphere of terror’

Patna (Bihar), Sept. 10 : With Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sushil Modi alleging that Rajiv Roshan murder case accused Mohammad Shahabuddin has been released because of the Bihar Government's inaction in the case, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) on Saturday swatted off the charges and asserted instead that the BJP was trying to create an atmosphere of terror and hamper the peaceful environment in Bihar.

"No special party can give bail. As far as Sushil Modi is is like disregarding the court's order. If any of the criminals from the BJP gets bail, does that mean that the BJP help in getting them bail? This is a matter of the judiciary.

Why will someone interfere in the matters of judiciary?" Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav told the media here.

Yadav further stated that Modi should keep faith on the judiciary. "He should not disregard it. Were terror charges less on Amit Shah? They want to hamper the peaceful environment in Bihar. They want to create an atmosphere of terror. They are trying to defame the government. Has Sushil Modi ji left with some other work?" he added. With Shahabuddin branding Nitish Kumar as a Chief Minister of circumstances, the BJP said the latter has compromised with all kinds of situations.

"We always talked of putting the criminals behind the bars. But what happened today that Nitish Kumar cheated the people of Bihar? The people wants to know what kind of loyalty Nitish Kumar is fulfilling with Lalu Yadav that ten crore people of Bihar are being cheated," he added.

The Patna High Court granted Shahabuddin bail on Wednesday in the Rajiv Roshan murder case. He had kidnapped brothers Girish Raj and Satish Raj in 2004 and giving them 'an acid bath' before murdering them.

"Everyone knows I was framed. It was court who jailed court has released me. No one should take Sushil Modi seriously. This has got nothing to do with politics, judicial has its own procedures," Shahbuddin told the media after being released from jail earlier today.

"I have never done back door politics. I am going to my village after 13 years. Why would I try to change my image? People have accepted me the way I am for 26 years. I haven't met with anyone for the last ten years," he added. Modi earlier tweeted, "Shahabuddin managed bail because GOB didn't even initiated trial which was mandated by H(igh) Court to complete in 9 months." "Now Lalu symbol of corruption will be on one side of Nitish (and) Shahabuddin symbol of terror on the other side...," he added.

Source: ANI