Shankar Mahadevan’s new project is here to encapsulate rich musical heritage of India

New Delhi [India], Jan 03 : Shankar Mahadevan, one the most talented and prolific musicians of our country, has brought the most fresh yet culturally rooted project 'My Country My Music.' Collaborating with the gems of folk music industry for all the music lovers, the project is a musical journey which encapsulates the rich musical heritage of India.

Shankar has beautifully curated the entire piece as he brings together the mesmerizing regional musical influences to the listeners.

With the aim of taking Indian folk music a notch higher and reaching out to the global audience 'My Country My Music' is sure to touch millions of hearts.

Post the tremendous response from his recent show at NH7 Weekender, Pune, an very elated Mahadevan said, "In today's time the major chunk of listeners are our youth.

My idea was to how do we connect with them and give them something unique and aesthetically profound to the Indian roots.

With this aim 'My Country My Music' was curated where in masters of folk music came together and a very contemporary yet culturally rich piece was projected for the audience." He further added, "We are very happy to receive a spectacular response at NH7 weekender this year and we consider the festival a benchmark for us to reach out to the youth as it cuts across all kinds of language barriers, music genres, caste, creed, religion.

We are very excited and preparing for our upcoming projects which are in the pipeline." Bringing out the spirit of India with a mix of 8 languages, 'My Country My Music' showcases the myriad musical flavours of the country.

The troupe has performed across various platforms and shows spreading the love and touching the musical chords through their mesmerizing voice.

The project has already grabbed everyone's attention which can be seen through the response from the audiences who attended the concert as well as the conversations with fans across social and digital.

Spear heading the project, is Anurag Rao, CEO of Canvas Talent who is known for his A (and) R expertise and developing Talent in the industry, said, "The response so far is extremely overwhelming.

It validated the fact that there is music beyond Bollywood in the country that connects with young India, our dream is to take this to the world stage and deliver it to a global audience." 'My Country My Music' has roped-in talented musicians like Mame Khan, Chandan Shive, Rashika Chandrashekhar, Rajappa M and Anandita Paul.

Shankar's endeavour to keep the real essence of India alive through project is a noble initiative which today's India is very receptive about and will indeed see splendid numbers in upcoming years.

Source: ANI