Shantanu-Nikhil: Pandemic has taught us a lot

Mumbai, Dec 19 : Designers Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra feel the post-Covid era will be all about being disruptive and fearless.

"I feel that this pandemic has definitely taught us a lot and I think all the young budding designers, artists from whatever walks of lives, I think they should feel a lot more fearless.

No one is going to judge you for what you are or how you plan to pursue your career as a brand," Shantanu said.

"I think just be a little disruptive, even if you feel you can't make it on your own, have the guts and the courage to go seek a job because I think today everybody is looking for some talent, there is talent available, so if you have the talent and if you feel you still do not have it in you to start your own business or brand or entrepreneurship journey because the pandemic has given you that suffering or pain points, don't hesitate in going back to the drawing board and say okay I think I'm going to work for a bit," he shared.

"Give some value to the person who is employing me and at the same time get some value that I can again restart and reshape my journey.

I think it's going to be about that disrupting self," he added.

Nikhil added: "This is a great moment in our lives when for the first time when you talk about true democracy, it's happening across the world to every human being."

He continued: "It's a time that will give us a chance to understand why we are here.

Lot of times we spend a lifetime trying to figure that out or we can never do that and we pass away but this gives us an opportunity to really dig deep inside and understand why we are here."

"I find this year or this moment to be a blessing so that it can help us to understand we are humans, we have emotions and it's not just the greed that we need to go after but really ourselves.

I hope this gives us all an opportunity to be humans again," shared the designer in an episode of Lakshmi Manchu's show "Coming Back To Life With Lakshmi Manchu", which is available on SouthBay channel.



Source: IANS