Shekhar Suman warns against random forwarded messages

Mumbai, May 13 : Shekhar Suman on Thursday warned netizens against relying on random forwarded messages on WhatsApp.

The actor also alleged that pharma companies are floating rumours for their vested interest.

"Let's not play Doctor-Doctor at home.

Follow only your physician or any reputed doctor. Don't just follow anything floating on watsapp. Sieve thru it. confirm, reconfirm. There r all kinds of rumours being floated by pharma companies for their own vested interest," Suman tweeted on Thursday.

He also urged people to encourage all to take vaccine and stop stepping out.

"Easy said than done but we need to be really strong during this Pandemic.

Urge each other to vaccinate asap to stop the surge and also take extreme precautions and follow Covid appropriate behaviour.

STOP going out for the time being, just STOP," Suman wrote in a separate tweet.

Earlier this week, Shekhar Suman tweeted to encourage netizens to help others via social media platforms.

He wrote: "The way ppl are helping each other through social media platforms just shows that humanity is still alive and throbbing.

People have given their own hospital beds and oxygen cylinders to others who are more needy. The stories are bringing tears in everyone's eyes."



Source: IANS