`Shoey` bettered with `Leggy` by Aussie cricket fan at Gabba

Wellington [New Zealand], Dec. 20 : An Australian cricket fan has taken the popular 'shoey' celebrations to a whole new level with a 'Leggy'.

During the fourth day of the first Test between Australia and Pakistan being in Brisbane, a man was filmed during the night session pouring a beer into a prosthetic leg as the Gabba crowd chanted "Leggy, Leggy, Leggy." The person then downs the entire schooner before raising his improvised vessel aloft in triumph, reports stuff.co.nz.

The man appears to have both legs intact, so someone else with one leg may have been looking for their limb.

The 'shoey' is a ritual popular in Australia where the drinker either removes their own shoe, or nominates a friend's shoe to be used as the vessel.

The shoe is tilted and the entire contents of a can of beer are poured into the shoe's opening. Once the beverage has settled, the beer is drunk by tipping the shoe up to the mouth and chugging it. The drink most commonly used for a 'shoe' is beer, however, other alcoholic beverages are also used. The 'Shoey' came to prominence when Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo celebrated finishing third at the United States Grand Prix in October by taking his shoe off, filling it with champagne and sculling it on the podium.

Source: ANI