Siemens announces order deal worth Rs. 319 crore from Diesel Locomotive Works

New Delhi [India], Jan 13 : Siemens Ltd. on Friday announced receiving of an order worth Rs. 98 crore from Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) to design, supply and install 48 Alternating Current (AC) Traction systems for Dual Cab High Horsepower Diesel Engine locomotive for Indian Railways.

The AC Traction systems will be produced at Nashik Factory of Siemens Limited. The systems have been developed based on the state of art Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) technologies.

The principle benefit of IGBTs over Gate Turn-off thyristors (GTOs) is that it reduces the current required and therefore the heat generated, giving smaller and lighter units.

In addition, Siemens was also awarded orders worth Rs. 166 crore for supply of propulsion sets for Freight Locomotives and Rs. 55 crore for supply of propulsion sets for Passenger Locomotives. These propulsion systems consist of basic AC-AC propulsion system along with added components such as APU, REMLOT and DPCS.

Components such as REMLOT and DPCS capture the locomotive information in digital manner and provide additional value to the customer such as remote monitoring of locomotive, control of two locomotives from one loco cab and preventive maintenance.

APU reduces the fuel losses during locomotive idling periods and brings energy efficiency to Railway Operation.

"The advent of IGBTs has yielded strong efficiency gains in electric drive technology. The project showcases Siemens' partnership with the Indian Railways as it combines innovation with responsibility to bring together the combined expertise of its teams, that is committed to deliver reliable, safe and efficient technologies," said executive vice-president Siemens and CEO mobility division in lead country India, Tilak Raj Seth.

"We have been able to secure orders for Propulsion Sets on the strength of our digitalization portfolio.

Siemens has been able to deliver these added values to the customer based on the strength of its engineering capability and looks to further enhance and unearth value proposition for its customers through digitalization," added Raj Seth.

Source: ANI