Sikh men thrashed: Legal action was taken, assures Rajasthan SP

New Delhi [India], May 26 : The Rajasthan Police has assured that legal action was taken by the local cops at the time when Sikh men were allegedly beaten up by local residents of Chainpura in Ajmer district.

Speaking to ANI here, Senior police officer of Rajasthan, Rajendra Singh Rathore said, "A video went viral following which the incident was reported.

This happened around one month back and at the time, the police reached the spot to take control of situation and necessary action was taken." In a 51-second video, four members of Sikh community were seen being abused and thrashed by a mob as people witnessing the incident filmed the entire episode.

According to reports, the four Sikh men to from Alwar district had visited the village to collect donation.

The local residents then beat them up alleging that they molested their women. Those involved in the assault were arrested under the Indian Penal Code section 151 (knowingly joining or continuing in assembly of five or more persons after it has been commanded to disperse).

However, according to police, the Sikh men were not found involved in any kind of molestation and were asked to file a cross FIR against those who thrashed them but apparently did not do so.

According to reports, the four accused were arrested and released on bail..

Source: ANI