Singareni prestigious to Telangana: CM KCR

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Jan. 5 : Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on Thursday described the state owned coal mining Singareni Collieries Company as the pride of Telangana as it had employed close to 1,16,000 workers.

Speaking during the assembly session, Rao said the government intends to develop the coal mining company further and employ around 12,600 jobs "Singareni is prestigious to Telangana.

It gave food to Telangana people. It had 1,16,000 workers previously. Singareni was exploited before the state was formed. Now we are developing it," he said. Rao said the government is currently undergoing an in-depth analysis to increase the production capacity of the mining company.

"Singareni, RTC and electricity board are big agencies having 2.5 lakh employees. RTC is in losses and we are coming up with plans to up lift it. We have asked GHMC to bear some loss in its limits. Similarly Singareni should also be developed," he said. Rao further said that the government's priority to create jobs and has no intention of closing underground mines.

"We will start new underground mines soon. Closing of underground mines is a false rumour. With new mines, 12,600 jobs will be created. Singareni is a great organisation and we will work towards its development," he said..

Source: ANI