Singer Sia praised by Twitterati as she pays for shoppers’ items

Palm Springs (California)/New Delhi, Dec 3 : Australian pop star Sia surprised shoppers at a Walmart store on the eve of Thanksgiving festival by paying for their shopped items.

She went to the store, moved around, hugged the customers and paid for the merchandise they had bought, a media report said.

The 'Chandelier' singer is said to have told those she met that her name was 'CiCi' and that she had won a lottery.

In the past, the artiste has concealed her face with wigs, even turning her back to her audience at stage performances.

A few shoppers shared a video clipping of the incident on the social media.

One Twitter user posted pictures of the singer and wrote: "Sia paid for my mom's groceries at Walmart and bought my sister gift cards and no one recognized her???"

The post got 8.8K retweets and 121.3K likes.One fan praised her kind act: "In all seriousness, what @Sia did was incredibly kind and selfless, I know so many people were extremely grateful to be able to have their Thanksgiving dinners (and more) paid for.

It's unexpected acts of kindness that really make your day."

"I'm so happy she even shows her face now, what a lovely soul," gushed another fan.



Source: IANS