Sister aka stylist Rhea Kapoor speaks about Sonam’s fashion secrets

New Delhi [India], Aug. 26 : Along with being Sonam Kapoor's beloved sister, Rhea Kapoor is also her fashion mentor, who has countless perfect looks to style her Fashionista sister in.

In an exclusive interview with Filmfare, the 29-year-old film producer reveals some of Sonam's fashion secrets and share their approach towards be fashionable.

"For me fashion is important because it helps create a story. That's why people relate to Sonam's fashion so much. It's an expression of who she is. She loves to dress up more than anybody I know," said Rhea. But just like all the others, the 'Khoobsurat' star too has her off days when she just wants to be in bed.

"She has her off days when she wants to be with her books, laptop, chashmas and chocolates. I'm also a creature of comfort. We're both obsessed with our pyjamas," added Rhea. Talking about how they deal with disagreements between both of them, Rhea said, "We reach a compromise since we have been working together for so long.

Then, a picture will come out and one of us will shoot back with, `See! I told you so.' But usually, I'm right," chuckles Rhea.

Source: ANI