Sleep for 9 hours daily for 100 days and earn Rs 1 lakh

Bengaluru, Nov 28 : While NASA pays people about (Dollar) 19,000 (nearly Rs 14 lakh) to lie in bed for two months as part of its space study, a Bengaluru-based online sleep solutions firm, Wakefit, is willing to give you Rs 1 lakh for nine hours of sleep daily for 100 days. has announced an internship programme called the 'Wakefit Sleep Internship', where selected candidates are required to sleep nine hours every night for 100 days.

The selected candidates will sleep on the company's mattress, get a sophisticated fitness and sleep tracker and counselling sessions from experts.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to send in video testimonials validating their love for sleep.

Winners will be given a sleep tracker that will record sleep patterns before and after using the internship mattress.

"As a sleep solutions company, our biggest motivation is to inspire people to sleep better.

As we continue to live life in the fast lane, sleep is unfortunately becoming a common casualty, adversely affecting our health, productivity and quality of life," Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-founder,, was quoted as saying by

"We are looking to recruit the best sleepers in the country who are willing to go to any lengths to make sleep a priority in their lives," he added.

In order to earn a stipend of Rs 1 lakh, interns will be required to sleep nine hours every day and share the sleep data with Wakefit.

According to a survey titled 'Right to Work Naps' by Wakefit, 70 per cent of the 1,500 respondents have said they do not have a 'nap room' at work.

Nearly 86 per cent of them said that such nap room will help increase productivity.



Source: IANS