Snapdeal’s Vulcan Express to offer GST compliant logistics network

New Delhi [India], Mar 6 : Snapdeal's fully owned subsidiary Vulcan Express is all set to expand and start serving new clients in both the B2B and B2C space from next month onwards.

This will be in addition to its core business, which comes from Snapdeal. Focusing on a long term solution to India's deeply fractured supply chain sector, Snapdeal has invested in building an end-to-end logistics capability through Vulcan Express over the last 18 months.

This includes significant innovations across all legs of the delivery cycle warehousing, transportation, last mile and reverse journeys.

Today Vulcan boasts of an ability to deliver to 70 percent of the consumer market within two days with a 98 percent commitment rate.

The company's initial focus on strengthening Snapdeal's internal logistics value chain also led to industry first innovations like Wallet on Delivery, launched within 24 hours of demonetization.

This year onwards the company is looking at expanding aggressively in both the B2B and B2C sectors, across the country Vulcan's state of the art infrastructure spread across the top 10 metros, 80 key cities strategically connected to satellite towns in tier II and III will allow businesses to deliver an enhanced customer experience to the farthest ends of the country.

Businesses can also leverage Vulcan's superior technology, warehouse capacities and last mile networks as critical enablers for targeted and time sensitive consumer outreach initiatives.

With its wide geographical reach built around large consumer hubs and centralized technology infrastructure, Vulcan is all set emerge as the network of choice for companies looking to become GST compliant in a short span.

The design of network is eminently suited to the requirements of the impending GST regime, which is a destination based tax.

Vulcan's 360 network capabilities, which include warehousing, transportation, last mile delivery and reverse logistics makes it one of the most reliable and responsive networks in India and hence is being sought after by many B2B and B2C businesses in India.

"Given the business we are in, we recognized long back that a consistently good consumer experience can only ride on a well-controlled, transparent, and responsive logistics network.

Over the last year and a half, we have invested towards solving for every single pain point on each leg of the delivery journey," said CEO Vulcan, Hardeep Singh.

"Today, even as our delivery costs continue to go down, our consumer satisfaction scores steadily increase.

We are pleased to offer these services to businesses that require them, and are aligned with our consumer centric capabilities," added Singh.

With several leading businesses already onboard the Vulcan network and many other B2B and B2C players in the pipeline, Snapdeal estimates that Vulcan's business will grow 4 times over the 2017 financial year, making it a significant contributor to Snapdeal revenues.

Source: ANI