Sonu Nigam gears up for social distance concert in Dubai

Mumbai, Aug 17 : Singer Sonu Nigam is set to perform live for the first time after things got abruptly halted, owing to Covid-19.

The gig, titled The Light Concert, will be held in Dubai on August 21.

"This is the world's first social distance concert of Bollywood.

There's going to be no kind of overcrowding or no physical contact, as we used to have earlier in concerts," said Sonu.

He shared that people are so excited about this concert that "they are flocking in from different countries".

"I know of people coming from Russia.

I've heard of people coming from the UK in their private jets to see the concert," said the singer.

"This is a show which is being looked at with a lot of love, so the concert is called 'The Light' and obviously it has a lot of connotation because not literally, but in the hearts of people that have seen darkness in the last six months and a lot of people have lost their jobs.

People have lost money, their source of income, their savings, their loved ones. So the concert is called 'The Light' because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are all looking at that and praying for that.

Seemingly, things are also getting better. Thus, it's called 'The Light'," he added.

Sonu recently launched his own music label, and unveiled a couple of songs last week.



Source: IANS