South Korea: Protestors demand President Park’s resignation

Washington D.C., Oct. 30 : Around 12,000 demonstratorsrallied in Seoul, demanding the resignation of President Park Geun-hye, who allegedly leaked state documents.

On Friday, Park Geun-hye ordered the resignation of 10 of her senior secretaries as political turmoil continued to grip the country.

"The President will carry out reshuffling the Office of the President in the near future," her spokesman Jung Youn-kuk told CNN.

A massive controversy broke out after Park admitted to sharing state documents with Choi Soon-sil, who offered "her personal opinion" on Park's speeches before the presidential election in 2012.

In a televised apology, Park said Choi looked at "some documents" for a certain period of time after Park took office, but didn't specify what they were.

"I am shocked and my heart is breaking for causing public concern. I've done so (shared the documents) out of pure heart so that I could carefully review (the documents)," Park said.

Source: ANI