South Korean President’s aide charged in corruption scandal

New York [USA], Nov. 20 : Three people having connections with South Korean President Park Geun-hye have been indicted for their role in a political corruption scandal.

Park, however, will not be charged because according to the South Korean Constitution, the President cannot be charged with a crime while holding office except for insurrection or treason, reports the CNN.

South Korean prosecutors announced on Saturday that there was enough evidence to charge Choi Soon-sil, a friend of the President and former aides An Chong-bum and Chung Ho-sung.

Prosecutor Lee Young-ryol, who led the corruption probe, said Choi and An are being charged with abuse of power, fraud and coercion.

Chung faces charges related to leaking classified documents to Choi through e-mail, phone and fax. "Park cannot be charged with any 'crime' as a sitting president in accordance with Korean constitution but prosecutors will continue to investigate Park Geun-hye," Lee said.

Last month, an estimated 12,000 demonstrators rallied in Seoul to demand Park's resignation..

Source: ANI