SpiceJet flight diverted for medical emergency but passenger dies

Mumbai, Oct 5 : Budget passenger carrier SpiceJet's Bangkok-Delhi flight was diverted to Varanasi on Friday owing to an on-board medical emergency, but the passenger could not be saved.

According to the airline, the passenger, who suffered from a medical condition, was declared dead by the doctors at a local hospital in Varanasi.

"SpiceJet Flight SG 88 operating from Bangkok to Delhi on October 5 was diverted to Varanasi owing to a medical emergency on board.

All possible assistance was provided by the crew on board...," the airline said in a statement on Friday.

"The airport and ATC had also been informed by the pilots for medical assistance in advance and after landing the passenger was rushed to the hospital by the SpiceJet team.

However, the passenger was declared dead by the attending doctors."



Source: IANS