Sshrey Pareek to join cast of ‘Qurbaan Hua’

Mumbai, March 9 : Television actor Sshrey Pareek is all set to enter the show "Qurbaan Hua" in a negative role.

He says that he loves playing negative characters because such roles help him explore his craft.

"I think negative roles have no limitations, no bars to follow.

While with positive roles, you have to draw a line. In the show, I'm playing a grey character and I am from the girl's side. The story is about religion and its consequences. So I have come to take revenge from the boy for what has happened before and will try to make her sister fall for me and take revenge through her," he told IANS.

Sshrey, who has been part of "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai", says to join an ongoing show halfway is challenging and he does feel there is a lot of responsibility on him.

"When you enter midway there is a lot of responsibility on you to make the show better.

All the actors on the show are already established and for me it's hard to make a mark in between. But the best part is I have already worked with the producers before on 'Devanshi', so I know the team," he said.

The actor says shooting in the new normal world, amid the pandemic, has been a different experience.

"Today a lot of safety measures are in place to prevent the curb of COVID-19 on sets. One major difference I find is earlier all the teams would sit together and talk, discuss but that is missing now.

That warmth is still kind of missing. I hope everything gets normal soon," he said.

He has started shooting for the show.



Source: IANS