SSR opposes Consumer Protection Bill 2015 on brand endorsement

New Delhi (India), Sept 2 : Actor Sushant Singh Rajput does not appear to be in tune with the clause under the Consumer Protection Bill 2015, which suggests that celebrities' role in endorsing products cannot be ignored and they should also understand product claims before signing up for endorsements.

"Actors are always the soft target. We actors, take up a brand endorsement on its face value. If a product claims that there is fluoride in it, we cannot test it. There is a government agency to look after the content of the product, who give a go ahead to it. So, the agency and the product manufacturers should be held responsible, instead of the actors," said Sushant, who is presently endorsing a watch brand, Tissot.

Emphasizing on the protection of consumer interest, the government has been working towards putting some legal and professional liability on the brand endorsers.

The new Bill that awaits the Parliament's assent seeks to empower the consumers to protect their rights against unfair trade practices.

It intends to close the gaps with regard to protection of consumer rights including the time taken in settling disputes, an ability to reach to the manufactures for product liability and curb misleading advertisements.

The Consumer Protection Bill 2015 that seeks to amend the archaic Consumer Protection Act is expected to be passed in the next session of Parliament.

Source: ANI