St Vincent: I’ve taken to writing musicals for my family

Los Angeles, Dec 26 : Singer-songwriter St Vincent, who misses performing live, will feature her family in her version of A Christmas Carol.

"I miss live shows so much.

I miss the sweat. I miss the people. I miss the danger. I miss the communion. I miss everything about it. I've taken to writing musicals for my family. There was a tradition where we would go and see 'A Christmas Carol' and it was always hilariously bad but just wonderful.

I half-remembered some of the songs, then I've rewritten them to be family specific," she said.

The singer said that she insists everyone dress up in full costume.

"I'm making one of my nephews be Tiny Tim," she added.


Vincent, whose real name is Annie Clark, has been working on the sequel to "Masseducation", which is scheduled to release in 2021.

"It's locked and loaded.

I'm American, so I will only use gun metaphors. It marks a tectonic shift. I felt I had gone as far as I could possibly go with angularity. I was interested in going back to the music I've listened to more than any other -- Stevie Wonder records from the early seventies, Sly and the Family Stone.

I studied at the feet of those masters," she said.

The singer reminisced about her last tour. "My last tour was a whole bunch of production and high-concept video and razzle-dazzle, and I can't go any further with that.

I'm going to come down and just play. I don't think high-gloss sheen is going to be that resonant with people because it will feel very much 'let them eat cake'," she told MOJO magazine.



Source: IANS