Starbucks goers rejoice! ‘Whiskey’ laced coffee set to rock your world

Washington D.C. [USA], Mar. 9 : Here is another reason for you dear coffee lovers to rejoice at Starbucks, the American coffeehouse chain has come up with a special coffee made using whiskey barrel aged beans According to CNN, the coffee giant announced that its Starbucks Reserve Whiskey Barrel Aged Sulawesi beans are aged in "freshly emptied" oak barrels from a local distiller in Washington.

The beans are "hand-rotated frequently" over a period of several weeks to make sure they all come into contact with the barrel and absorb the flavor of the whiskey.

The American coffee company recently announced that its Roastery store in Seattle has begun selling two new specialty drinks - a cold brew sweetened with vanilla syrup -- as well as a hot "con crema" drink made from beans aged in whiskey barrels.

They will also be selling bags of those coffee beans as well. The roasting burns off the actual alcohol, but the flavor of whiskey and smell remains, as per the statement.

Source: ANI