Stay cool this summer with khadi

New Delhi, May 10 : Summer brings sweat, heat, dust and more for those who commute daily to work, to college or to school.

Being associated with the freedom struggle, Khadi is one of the humble fabrics which can protect you from this scorching heat so make sure you are taking full advantage of it.

Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist at Voonik and Sunil Gupta, Founder and Director at list a few tips on using khadi in your day to day lives.

* Khadi clothing: The handspun, natural and organic fabric is ideal for Indian weather conditions and keeps the wearer cool in summer.

Khadi is a skin-friendly fabric that 'breathes' and uses no chemicals in manufacturing. With the latest designs available, anyone can buy these glad rags from Voonik which is the best fashion marketplace for all women.

From layered khadi kurta to handwoven khadi saree, every khadi dress is available on this platform.

* Khadi soaps: The high temperatures and humidity which are characteristic of Indian summers can cause you to sweat and feel stuffy and uncomfortable, at such situations soaps made from khadi help a person to feel lightweight and breathable.

Made out from natural ingredients the handmade khadi soap provides nourishment to the skin.

* Khadi bags: Khadi dresses are a very common sight in summers but carrying a khadi bag is altogether different.

The light weight bags are easy to use and are very spacious. They are apt for all generations, are pocket friendly and can go on any outfit.

* Khadi footwear: As ethnic khadi captures the imagination of dress designers and turns out to be a favoured fabric for draping ramp models, it is not restricted to only clothing i.e.

it has found space in other sectors too, like footwear. Made out of swadeshi fabric, the footwear of khadi is famous among the modern generation and carry a cool quotient with them.

Indiamart which is the largest online B2B marketplace, connecting buyers with sellers, is a perfect destination if you are scouting an ethnic footwear seller in your city.

* Khadi bed sheets: Khadi bed sheets might sound odd to hear but they are naturally very soft and appealing to eyes.

The soothing texture of the cloth lowers the room temperature and maintains the cool home environment.

Available in exotic designs, this exquisite bed sheet is available on Jaipur Fabric easily.



Source: IANS