“Stop this disgusting habit of always comparing negatively”: Big B

New Delhi [India], Oct. 19 : Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan recently went vocal with his thoughts on the cynical take of some people on India's big win against Argentina in kabbadi at the World Cup.

The 74-year-old star, while posting a message on his Facebook page to congratulate India for the 74-20 win against Argentina in World Cup, lashed out at some comments, saying "score would be reverse in Football".

"Some comments saying score would be reverse in Football. STOP, putting INDIA down ! Be proud of our country's win and STOP this disgusting habit of always comparing negatively about our NATION !!" he wrote.

Adding that the score would be "3 times the combined score of Kabaddi in favor of INDIA, in Cricket !!" the 'Pink' star encouraged, "SAY THIS !! BE PROUD OF INDIA, be PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN !!!" Big B, who is known to have keen interest in sports, has always encouraged the Indian players- be it the Commonwealth, Olympics, cricket or tennis.

Source: ANI