Student beaten to death by classmates in UP, 5 held

Deoria, June 12 : In a shocking incident, five students have been arrested after they allegedly crushed one of their classmates to death under their bikes.

The incident took place in Malobar village in Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday.

The mobile phone footage taken by another student shows the victim, Ranjit Singh, stripped to his underwear as other pupils beat him with rods.

Singh reportedly had an altercation with his classmates after he tried to sit in the front row while attending a coaching class near Malobar village.

Police officials said Singh was pushed out of the building and thrashed with rods and sticks when he tried to enter the class.

He then lost conscious and the attackers allegedly ran their motorbikes over his stomach and head several times.

Singh was rushed to the district hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors.



Source: IANS