Study on impact of meditation on Covid vaccinated people

Prayagraj, Sep 27 : The Motilal Nehru Medical College in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj district will conduct a study on the people who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine, to determine whether meditation can improve the antibody response to the vaccine in adults.

Utsav Singh, the Nodal Officer (vaccination), Motilal Nehru Medical college, said the team assigned for the study will check the titre of the antibodies through the blood sample of the recipients step-by-step.

The team plans to collect more than 500 samples over a one-month period from September 27 to October 26, he added.

"The written consent of the recipient will be taken at the time of taking the blood sample before taking the first vaccine dose.

The second sample will be taken after 21 days of taking the first dose," Singh said.

The third blood sample of the recipient will be taken after 21 days of taking the second dose and the fourth and last sample will be taken after a gap of six months, he added.

In these six months, the recipient will be guided to go through heartfulness meditation which will begin on the day of taking the first vaccine dose and there will be online sessions for the recipients by expert trainers.

Singh said, "As it was said that meditation increases the effect of vaccine (antibody titre), so we are conducting this study."

Mamta Dubey, Junior Resident in the Physiology department at Motilal Nehru Medical college, has been assigned to conduct the study.



Source: IANS