Subuhii Joshii: I have been through a lot but suicide is not the solution

Mumbai, Feb 25 : Television actress Subuhii Joshii says the perception that actors are only all about partying and having a good time is wrong.

On contrary, many in the profession are lonely at hearts and that takes a toll on mental health.

"I have seen a phase where I was not mentally healthy and that affected my physical health, my everything.

So when you're not mentally healthy I believe you cannot function," she tells IANS.

The actress, known for her role in The "Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai", believes depression and anxiety happen a lot in the glamour industry.

"People think you have a lot of friends, you party so much but the reality is people are very lonely here.

You don't have a lot of people to talk to, people too don't have time for it, besides there are people, who don't want to talk about it.

It is a very uncertain field like we don't have fixed work, today you have a big show tomorrow you have nothing.

Today you're a star tomorrow you're nothing... all that definitely gives you a lot of stress," she says.

Time and again, news of actors commiting suicide makes it to headlines, which stirs the debate around mental health of actors.

Subuhii says: "I have been through a lot of stuff but suicide is not the solution. It's very sad when people -- especially all these youngsters -- take such a step. But the thing is we can't understand what are they going through when they commit suicide. They reach their saturation point," she says and goes on to add, "I feel whenever you feel low or have suicidal thoughts talk to someone and if there is no one go for therapy."

While the entertainment industry is all about looks and beauty, the actress asserts on the need of paying attention to a beautiful mind.

"I think it (mental health) should be a subject in school and colleges where they should teach you how important is your mental health.

If they will teach us the importance of it since the beginning then as we grow up it is all much better.

When we feel it's good to love other people but you should also love yourself first and that will really help you in keeping proper mental health, " she says.



Source: IANS