Sucheta Khanna: OTT rise won’t affect viewership of TV comedy shows

New Delhi, Feb 25 : Actress Sucheta Khanna has made a mark on several comedy shows on television. She says no matter how popular OTT becomes, comedy shows on TV will never lose viewership.

"These shows are evergreen.

These are shows the entire family sits and watches together. These kinds of shows are welcomed all over the world. People will always like to watch these shows," says Sucheta, who is seen in the sitcom Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai.

However, she does admits the rise of OTT has changed viewing patterns on television, too.

"The web has opened up a lot of things.

Everything has changed now. The audience has become smart and are looking for more real and quirky content. Earlier it was (all about) caked-up and caricaturish characters but today more realistic content works," she told IANS.

However, the actor, who has been seen in shows such as Excuse Me Maadam and Meri Hanikarak Biwi, adds that caricature comedy also has an audience.

"It is not like it will not work at all.

We also have a lot of our audience who come from a rural background and they are connected with TV since a lot of years.

But the younger generation have moved to the web and they enjoy rural comedy. There was this movie Ludo where there was this Malayali nurse in it, who was so good. So it's not about beauty and prettiness or caricature characters. It's about how funny people actually are," she said.



Source: IANS