Sudanese official discloses initiatives, mediations to return to understanding between partners

Khartoum, Oct 29 : An official at Sudan's Foreign Ministry on Friday disclosed initiatives and mediations for the return of understanding between the transitional period partners.

"There are mediations for the return of the transitional period partners to understand," Ali Al-Sadiq, the official in charge of running the affairs of the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, said at a briefing to the diplomatic missions in Sudan.

Al-Sadiq expressed welcome of any initiative aiming to narrow the differences between the rivals, Xinhua news agency reported.

He further stressed that the armed forces have no intention to seize power, pointing out that the power would be handed to an elected government by the end of the transitional period.

On October 25, the Sudanese Army adopted measures ending the partnership between the military and civilian coalition which was assuming the transitional period rule in Sudan.

Accordingly, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, General Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces, declared a state of emergency across the country and dissolved the transitional Sovereign Council and the government.

Demonstrations have taken to the street in Khartoum, rejecting the measures announced by Al-Burhan and demanding a civilian government.



Source: IANS