Sudhanshu Pandey draws inspiration from his life for latest role

Mumbai, Nov 4 : Actor Sudhanshu Pandey is currently enjoying the attention he is getting for his role of Vanraj in the TV series, Anupamaa.

He says that reflecting on his own life has helped him in the performance.

"Inspiration from my own life and my experiences are what work for me.

Your ups and downs, feelings and emotions are the biggest inspiration. If you can look into them deeply, they can inspire you and influence your performance really well," he said.

Talking about his role, he said: "It is one of the most difficult characters I have played.

The character is not a definite black or white. It's a thin line to walk upon, so it's a difficult character to play."

The show talks about an extramarital affair.

"There are certain situations in life which lead us to be part of such things like an extramarital affair.

I feel these are very personal and cannot be judged. I am not saying that it's right or justified to have an affair out of marriage, what I mean is that different people go through different stuff," said the actor.

"I just feel that marriage is a serious institution and if you are not sure about the person you are getting married to, please don't proceed," he added.



Source: IANS