Sumeet Vyas feels constant pressure to be as funny as ‘Mikesh’

By A. Kameshwari New Delhi, Aug 18 : We more often assume that an actor playing a certain character on-screen will be the same off-screen.

That is what happens with The Viral Fever's most popular web series Permanent Roommates fame Sumeet Vyas.

The actor, popular as "Mikesh Choudhary," in an interview said that he feels a constant pressure of being as funny and as goofy as his character.

"Sometimes I feel the pressure to be a little funny when I am out because if I won't do that then people will think I am a bore.

In real, I am a little shy in nature. I am funny but only around people I know," Sumeet told ANI. Disagreeing to the fact of getting fame due to a character, he said that this tends to typecast an actor.

"I want to be known as Sumeet Vyas, the actor, which is why I constantly try to make career choices which are different to what I have done in the past.

People are humble to shower the kind of love I am getting ever since Permanent Roommates happened. But it is scary as well because you, as an actor, do not want to be type-casted and want to do 20 such roles before you die to be remembered as an actor" he said.

Though Mikesh is the most loved character from the popular web series, Sumeet stated that he was earlier told that he is not someone who can make girls go gaga over him.

"The fame is surprising because when I auditioned for certain roles in the past, I was told that I am not somebody girls will fall in love with.

And I also agreed with them but this is actually shocking," he revealed. Further during the interview, he spoke about how people, who are not aware about the web series, react when his fans die for selfies with him.

"While many are crazy about the on-going web-series, there is still a section who are not aware of Permanent Roommates or any other web-series.

When such fan-moments happen with me, it is so funny because the other section seems to be confused about who the hell is this guy people are dying to get clicked with.

Yeh TV mein toh aata nahi, toh kaun hai ye. (He doesn't appear in TV, who is he?)" On a related note, 'Permanent Roommates' is the most successful venture for the 33-year-old actor, who was also seen in Sridevi's 'English Vinglish'.

Sumeet, who has also written a couple of episodes for TVF series, now is gearing up for his next venture with the same production house- TVF Triplings.

This series revolves around a road trip of two siblings..

Source: ANI