Sun safety tips

New Delhi, June 23 : Sun maybe good for vitamin D, but its rays can also be very harmful for your skin.

Wear protective clothing and sunglasses, and use sunscreens with at least 50 and above SPF for superior protection even in cloudy weather, sayexperts.

Raj Parikh, dermatologist and skin expert at Neutrogena India, and Reshma T.

Vishnani, Consultant Dermatologist, Trichologist and Aesthetic Dermatologist at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, have shared how you can protect yourself and others:

* Teach children sun-safe habits from a young age and apply sunscreen on them every day.

* In addition to wearing high SPF sunscreen, wear protective clothing and sunglasses, wear sunscreens with at least 50 and above SPF for superior protection against sun damage.

* Even if your skin is not in direct sun contact, do not skip the sunscreen -- whether indoors or on a cloudy day.

* Do not clog your skin. When you reside in humid cities like Mumbai and Chennai, it means dealing with a lot of humidity and stickiness on your skin.

In this case, using a dry touch sunscreen which does not clog your pores is the best solution

* If you have sensitive skin, use a dermatologist recommended sunscreen.

* Placing sunscreen by toothpaste can increase your sunscreen use. By integrating sunscreen with an existing routine, you may be able to use it more frequently. A study showed that placing your sunscreen next to your toothpaste can lead to a 20 per cent increase in sunscreen use.

You can extend this to placing sunscreen by door exits or keys and in your car or purse so you can enjoy every sunny day safely.



Source: IANS