Sundeep Bhutoria’s travelogue to quench never-ending ‘wander lust’

BY Somdatta Saha New Delhi [India], Apr 17 : Travelling in the outer world to find a connection with your inner self is something one craves for.

Hence there's no end to one's 'wander lust.' That is what columnist Sundeep Bhutoria has shared in his travelogue 'My Life My Travels.' Life in itself is an extraordinary journey, but the journey of the external world is more colorful, inimitable and challenging than the internal world.

There has been no limit to the travels abroad for the 'Aapbeeti Jagbeeti' columnist in the last fifteen years.

Whenever he visits somewhere new, he tries to compare their lifestyle, civilization, traditions, and discipline.

With a foreword by Anupeam Kher, 'My Life My Travels' is a compilation of the anecdotes of his foreign travels, as a window into the journey follows.

The language is more of wanderer-like anecdotes in an unpolished and disorderly fashion, just like the journeys.

Introducing his book perfectly to the world, Bhutoria writes, "Sometimes in life.unexpectedly, The end becomes a beginning.My new life begins where this book ends." The book has garnered positive reviews from many, including: "In the time of rank materialism, self-serving purposes for which people are willing....." Dr.

Sonal Mansingh. "Sundeep is a living version of a Lonely Planet book, The best places....." Shanatanu Moitra. "This is an engaging travelogue by a writer whose expanding the world of people..." Javed Akhtar. Sundeep Bhutoria, a Rajasthan-born-Kolkata-based social and cultural activist whose name is synonymous with social welfare activities and promotion of Indian folk art, literature and culture.

He is an outspoken community conscience and a youth icon representing India in United Nations Associations and various other fora and non-governmental organisations.

Source: ANI