Superbikers promote ‘safe driving’ in Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 21 : Superbike community RPM India spread the message of safe driving here on Sunday along with the Delhi Traffic Police.

Together, they organised The Turtle Ride, with support from BarTalk and Dirt Street.

The ride witnessed more than 50 superbikes.

Special Commissioner of Police Dependra Pathak said in a statement: "On road, safety is always our top focus.

We are really happy to support RPM India's' efforts to educate people about the importance of speed limit and safety while driving."

Navjyot Singh, Core Rider - RPM India, said: "Since superbikes are known for their massive power and speed, if a bunch of superbikes, despite having so much of power in their machines can ride slow, then why not others?"



Source: IANS