Surgery in India helps Nigerian walks after 10 years

New Delhi, Aug 10 : A Nigerian, who had not walked for the last 10 years due to a severe knee problem complicated by an incurable genetic blood disorder, got a new lease of life at a Delhi hospital where doctors successfully performed a knee replacement surgery -- a rare for a patient battling multiple haemolytic and genetic complications.

After a full-fledged post-recovery rehabilitation programme for a fluidic knee-movement and wound recovery, Abdullah Usmani, 41, finally took the walk of freedom from pain, suffering and mental trauma that often accompany such illnesses.

According to a hospital statement, Usmani had spent a major part of his life bedridden due to sickle cell anaemia, a genetic blood disorder causes knee arthritis and deformed bone development.

Also suffering from other growth disorder complications, including multiple joint complications, hand-foot syndrome, Usmani's congenital problem led him to undergo a spleen removal surgery in 2002, which led to worsening of his knee arthritis.

A team of doctors at Aakash Healthcare here then gave him a high-end oxinium implant that helped him walk again after 10 years, the statement said.

"After studying his case in detail, we concluded that Usmani's knee consisted of a severely inflamed tissue and required an intraoperative culture extraction.

Following this, a total-knee replacement was undertaken using the implant."



Source: IANS