Survey: Modi in Bengal, Rahul in Kerala most suited for PM

New Delhi, Feb 27 : Despite being the top choice as a Chief Minister in West Bengal, the voter in the state prefers Narendra Modi as a suitable candidate for the Prime Minister's post.

However, Lok Sabha MP from Kerala's Wayanad constituency Rahul Gandhi is preferred in the state over Modi for the Prime Minister's post.

A total of 34.44 respondents preferred Gandhi, son of Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, as a suitable candidate for the post while 33.71 per cent people think Modi as a most suitable candidate for the office.

Interestingly in neighbouring Tamil Nadu, 19.94 per cent people prefer Gandhi as most suitable for the post of Prime Minister while about 21.84 per cent find Modi as the best candidate for the job.

In West Bengal, only 10.16 per cent respondents believe that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is the most suitable for the Prime Minister's post while 50.83 per cent people in the state find Modi best suited for the job.

The outcome is based on IANS C-Voter Opinion Poll survey conducted in the last six weeks on over 8,796 people in Kerala and about 38,932 people in West Bengal.

In other poll-bound states, Modi is still the most popular leader suited for the Prime Minister's post.

In Assam, 42.96 per cent people believe that Modi is the most suitable leader for the Prime Minister's post followed by Puducherry (35.29).



Source: IANS