Talks on with India, Pakistan on importance of reducing tensions: U.S.

Washington D.C., Oct. 4 : Maintaining a diplomatic streak as tensions keep escalating between India and Pakistan, the United States has called on both nations to maintain calm and restraint, adding that their government is having regular conversations with the hostile neighbours on the importance of reducing the tensions in the region.

Addressing a press conference, Elizabeth Trudeau Director of the Press Office for the U.S. State Department emphasised on the importance of communication between India and Pakistan to reduce tensions.

"Well, I think what you would take a look at being discussed is regional stability and regional security.

One of the things I think we all need to focus on is conflicts or issues or rising tension are not contained to any specific region.

We are in favor of any reduction of tensions that both sides agree to in this particular instance. We have strong ties with both Pakistan and India, and we'll engage on that basis," she said. Talking about New Delhi ratifying the Paris Agreement, she said that the U.S. welcomes this news, stating that India, like many countries, has been working to complete its domestic process as quickly as possible.

"We are very encouraged. We care about strong climate action , and the Paris Agreement has been a matter of personal commitment and leadership for both President Obama and Prime Minister Modi," she said.

Source: ANI