Tangkhul Nagas in Delhi celebrates 13th Yarthot Kazip with pomp and gaiety

By Vangamla Salle K S New Delhi, Sept.15 : As Delhi is a land of opportunities and talents, every year, many youngsters from the northeast region come to New Delhi in search for better education and opportunities.

Celebrating and welcoming the new faces from the community and making them feel at home, Tangkhul Katamnao Long Delhi (TKLD) organized the 13th Yarthot Kazip at Tyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi.

With the dawn of autumn season onset, the celebration marks unity amongst them and promotes their rich culture and identity.

Under the theme 'Lungsanmeilu Nawui Atamna, Yaruirin manga Vamei' this means 'with unity and strength, let the community be on new height', the event was graced by Jyoti Kailash, Principal Resident Commissioner of Nagaland House, Delhi along with other dignitaries from the community.

"We are trying to bring people altogether, create a platform wherein we can share our identity and explore those talents.

There are many musicians, dancers, instrumentalists who have been playing. So it will continue and this has been the tradition that we are following and we are trying to promote all the young talents that are upcoming in our community.

So that is all about this freshers meet and we are welcoming them in a befitting manner," said Shimri Raising, President, TKLD.

With a scintillating start-off with their home grown artists like Chonchon Varah and Nimshimphi Muivah, a day-long fun-filled event saw a huge turn out from the Tangkhul community in Delhi.

Experiencing the soul enriching enterprise which filled with music, dance, motivating talks and expressions from all quarters through love and emotions, the event showcased the richness in culture and traditions.

"My message for the northeast young generation is that they should be very sincere, very hard working because when they come to Delhi, the eyes of the entire family is on them.

They have to fulfill the dreams of the parents, the friends and the relatives," added Jyoti Kailash, Principal Resident Commissioner of Nagaland House, Delhi.

It was a proud and a memorable moment for the freshers who were welcomed by their community members in such a grand manner.

Many speakers at the event gave thought-provoking advices and guidelines to the newcomers. "For the youth, I must say, you have to have an open mind, and when it comes to cities like Delhi or any metropolitan cities, we need to grow out of the mindset that we have back home and become more inclusive rather than exclusive.

We have to grow into along with the society where we are residing," added Ameising Luikham, Secy.GOI. The artistes performed to cheers from audience, bringing the community's craze for music to the fore. Among the northeast people in Delhi, Tangkhul community receives highest number of new students. This year, around 300 new students from the community have taken admission in Delhi University, one of the prestigious universities in India.

"Right now, I am studying in Ramjas College, Bsc. Physics Hon. First year. Thanks for being letting us take part in this meet. I feel awesome and excited to be a part of this meet. And we are about to perform and so it will be fun to perform here," says the beaming Sorinshan Vashum.

"I think the programme is going to be very interesting and I feel that our people are very much into one spirit.

And I could really see the participations. Many young and old have turn up to encourage for this event and I think this will have a big impact in various aspects.

And I think that this kind of occasions and platforms are also very much important and I really appreciate your media to really encourage and update this event, "added Isaac Bukli.

During the day-long event, performances by well-known bands from the northeast region like Epistles and Minutes of Decay creates a rocking evening for all.

Such events are not only platform for the freshers but an inclusive platform for all..

Source: ANI