Tata-Mistry row: Washing any more dirty linen in public will affect investors, warns Congress

New Delhi [India], Oct. 29: The Congress Party on Saturday urged that the Tata-Mistry row should not be seen as an allegation -counter allegation match and suggested that the internal dispute should not be open in public as it would affect country, companies investors.

Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who is also the lawyer for the Tata Group, told ANI that statesmanship would prevail over the ego and that would settle down the issue.

"We should not seek this dispute as a daily issue of allegation -counter allegation. I think more dirty linen washed in public the worst it is for the country, worst it is for investors," he said.

"I hope and trust that statesmanship will prevail over ego. I hope and trust the things will settle down. Otherwise courts are always there to resolve the un-resolvable," he added. Tata Sons has accused Mistry, who was appointed chairman in 2012 after the retirement of Ratan Tata and had his term was upto March 2017,of making "unsubstantiated claims and malicious allegations" against the conglomerate as the gloves came off in a bitter and highly public row over his sacking.

Mistry's parting shot, in a blistering five-page letter written after he was ousted in a boardroom coup late on Monday, accused the company of failures of governance that he said had destroyed billions of dollars in shareholder value.

He also alleged inappropriate interference by Ratan Tata, the 78-year-old patriarch who hired him and has come out of retirement to run the business in a caretaker role.

The Tata group, in an eight-paragraph statement on Thursday, dismissed Mistry's claims..

Source: ANI