Tata Sons replaces Cyrus P. Mistry as chairman

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Oct. 24 : Tata Sons Board on Monday replaced Cyrus P. Mistry as the chairman of Tata Sons. A Selection Committee has been set up for the appointment of new chairman of Tata Sons. The committee comprises Ratan N. Tata, Venu Srinivasan, Amit Chandra, Ronen Sen and Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, as per the criteria in the Articles of Association of Tata Sons.

The decision was taken in a board meeting held here. The board has named Ratan N. Tata as Interim Chairman of Tata Sons. The committee has been mandated to complete the selection process in next four months. Mistry was appointed as the chairman in December 2012. He has been a director of the company since 2006..

Source: ANI